Textile Sector
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VIP The Company's name Telephone number Specialization
vip Agag Company
+963 11 5429255
Selling all kinds of sponges and medical mattresses
vip Ford
+963 11 8821387
medical mattresses
vip Glory to the blankets and linens
+963 992770365
Blankets and linens
vip please Mika
+963 932111041
Furniture and woodworking industry
Muhannad Alkasem and his partner for the thread industry
+963 11 5850351
Middle East brand
Ayyash Spinning & Weaving
+963 11 58580636
A tapestry of goatskin
Abbas Company / Hashem Reza Abbas
+963 11 5850440
Bashakir Abbas-Bashkir
Atlas Company
+963 11 5853496
Manufacture of ready - made garments boys and men s outer
Ayash & Dawood Limited Liability
+963 11 5854009
Manufacture of satin yarns and dyes
Tahina Company
+963 11 2210756
Knitwear and baby wear
Al Fahad Textile Products
+963 11 5852783
Manufacture of all kinds of bathrobes towels and pants - bathrobes
Al Sati Company
+963 11 5852311
Textile Clothing + Tapes
List of subscribers
Al-Rihawi for the carton industry
Abdul Karim Group armada
Khattab & Retribution Company steel shelf
Al-Sarraj Al-lumine company
El Desouky
Al-Hasnaa Food Industries Company
Al-Bouzan and Al-Hamwi Company
Al Jassim and Al Na'asan Company
the legend
Khalil Al-Aqdi & Partners Company
Al-Asadi Company for Printing and Packaging
Arnabeh Trading Est
M. Ahmed Al-Sahli Foundation for industry and commerce
Raghad Al Hayat Foundation
wise belt company
An account for transport and trading limited liability
TeleFox Company for engineering industries
yodin company for chemical industries
Light Concrete Technology LLC
ohammed Wael Swar Trading Est
Qasqas Company for the manufacture of blinds
Saad for industry and trade
Milk House Company
Talawi Cutter
Power Fit for pharmaceutical industries
Al Kilani & Partners Co
the mountain
United Aluminum Extrusion and Coloring Company
Al Ayham Foundation
mastering facility for metal industries
Al Yousef Metal Construction
Al-Sabbagh Library
Agag Company
New World Foundation
Hossam Younes Corporation for Engineering Industries
Al Shaibani Foundation for Printing and Packaging
Al-Qattan Company for Elevators and Escalators
engineering for steel industries
Credi Plastic Products Company
Qwaider Plast for plastic industries
Fahda Company For Health Food Limited Liability
Four Seasons Company
Fitna and Yahya Company
Carmel Company
ivory for cashew production
United business
Matad & Hallaq Food Industries Co.
Kamel & Ali Al Shahrour Company
Glory to the blankets and linens
Cementa for ready-made concrete
Subaii Brothers & Partners Co.
Sami Medical Paper Supplies Facility
Al-Sham Company (Sofi)
Sara Food Company
please Mika
Al - Masri Metal Wire Company
Abu Abed Limited Liability Company
Shallah & Al Dobaie Company
Ali & Kamel Al Shahrour Company for Industry & Trading
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